Headache during Pregnancy

Literally, pregnancy is a headache, but it is natural. The pain is not that serious, and many women experience headaches during  pregnancy. The culprit of the headache is the hormonal changes and other causes such as tension, pregnancy fatigue, emotional and physical stress, hunger during pregnancy and overheating. Likewise, you should be very careful in taking medications just to get rid the pain. This is because there are headache medications that show harmful effects in the development of the baby. Nevertheless, there are many ways of relieving headache during pregnancy.


Headaches during pregnancy everyday


What to do about headaches during pregnancy?

  • Get enough rest to overcome fatigue, especially during the 1st and 3rd trimesters. However, make sure not to oversleep as it may lead to headache.
  • Spend some minutes lying in quiet room to relieve migraines and headaches during pregnancy. While at work, you should close your eyes and elevate your feet for at least 15 minutes. You can also place ice pack at the back of your neck while relaxing. Taking prenatal yoga is recommended to prevent stress build up. Doing breathing exercises can help in relaxing.
  • Steam inhalation is perfect when a pregnant woman suffers sinus headaches as it relieves the congestion. Likewise, using a humidifier moistens the air. To loosen the mucus it is important to drink plenty of water and ask your doctor for nasal decongestant safe to use. Sinus headache can cause pain.
  • Avoid skipping meals to avoid a headache. Always have healthy snacks within your reach but avoid over eating.
  • Refrain from drinking coffee because it is harmful to your baby. In case you experience withdrawal headache starts weaning process before cutting back caffeine permanently. This also holds true with soda.
  • Avoid staying in hot and smoky places to avoid a headache. A pregnant Women should take fresh air regularly. Thus, it is important to have at least one open window in your room.
  • Strong odors, fluorescent lighting and windowless workspaces trigger headaches. That is why you should take control of your environment to prevent headache attacks. In like manner, noise can also trigger a headache and the best thing to do is to stay in quiet places as much as possible.
  • Maintain good posture because poor posture can result to muscle tension and eventually headaches.

Keep in mind that medications and drugs are prohibited during pregnancy, and you have no other choice but to follow the above mentioned measures in preventing headache during pregnancy.


In addition, you can also use natural headache remedies that are guaranteed safe and effective in alleviating the pain caused by headache. You can also consider biofeedback that relieves muscle tension and improves the blood pressure as well as muscle tension. You should ask first your health provider before trying biofeedback.  When trying any treatment and remedy for headache you should not only consider yourself but also pay attention to the welfare of your baby. Therefore, avoid the things and factors that trigger the attack of headache during pregnancy and keep aside stress and tension.

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